" Working for Justice and Peace is a Question of Balance."


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Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) Bamenda had a one-day recollection on March 24, 2023 with theme ‘Drawing Strength from the Eucharist’ or drawing strength from the place of thanksgiving. Rev. Fr. George Ngalim, the JPC Chaplain and facilitator of the day encouraged all staff to uphold an attitude of thanksgiving at all times. He further encouraged staff members not to focus on their challenges and lose sight of the miracles that happen in their lives daily.

Staff members were elated to learn that they can draw strength not only from their challenges but even from their weaknesses, to propagate their work on building a just and peaceful society. Rev. Fr. Ngalim in his exhortation added that we need to always see reasons to thank God and even when we think we cannot find any, we should carefully look at nature and listen to God keenly and we will find so many reasons.

Staff members had a moment to share daily experiences in their lives for which they are thankful. Rev. Fr. Ngalim ended his exhortation with Matthew 11:28-30, the portion of scripture which says “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest….” This was closely followed with a quiet moment, reflection and mass. The recollection ended with a common meal and staff members returned home rejuvenated.


Staff Recollection


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JPC Bamenda, represented by Fajong Azineh, the Human Rights Officer, took part in a ‘Training of Humanitarian Actors in Civil Registration and Legal Framework in Cameroon’. The workshop, organized by the National Civil Status Registration Office (BUNEC) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) took place at the Immaculate Conception Centre, Bamenda, on February 16 and 17, 2023, with over 30 participants. The workshop had as aim to enhance the capacity of humanitarian actors on legal framework and civil documentation in North West Region.

Participants were educated on the importance of civil status acts, legal framework of civil status, the need for collaboration between actors, declaration and registration of civil status events, judgements relating to civil status events, methods and techniques of sensitization on civil status registration and procedures for rectification and reconstruction of civil status acts. Participants also took a moment to share some challenges they face as humanitarian actors in establishing civil documentation for vulnerable persons.

CSOs working on the reestablishment of civil documentation for vulnerable persons were advised to always collaborate with BUNEC in order to ease the process. It was also recommended that the procedures, facilities and registration centers should be made inclusive so that the services can be accessed by all.



Improving social cohesion and combating Gender Based Violence in the Archdiocese of Bamenda

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Since the 15th of June 2022, the Justice and Peace Commission of the Archdiocese of Bamenda has engaged 6 communities (from Bafut, Akum, Bambui, Mankon and Azire parishes in Mezam division of the North West region) in raising awareness to help reduce incidents of GBV, experienced in local communities, improve social cohesion and promote peace.

This initiative dubbed “Reduce the incidents of Gender Based Violence (GBV) of vulnerable persons affected by the ongoing Anglophone Crisis in the Archdiocese of Bamenda” has enhanced the capacities of 30 community leaders who have carried out awareness raising in their communities, using sports as a rallying medium. this has seen hundreds of persons- women and men, come out to relax during fun filled football encounters organized.

The sporting activity harnesses a good number of participants and spectators from all age groups of the community with the objective to create laughter and excitement.

Sensitizations have focused on creating awareness for community members on the manifestations of the different forms of GBV, emphasizing that GBV harms the victim and our community as a whole. Equally, the spirit of tolerance as demonstrated through football has been the take home. The first level matches have been concluded with one team emerging from each of the 6 parishes. The second level is slated for the weeks ahead.

84 women /girls have participated in football matches as either players or match officials out of about 1200 persons (550 women and 750 men) involved, who had the opportunity to interact in an atmosphere of relaxation in their communities, amidst the tense situation in the region.

Interviewed participants appreciated the initiative which comes at a time when there is an increase in the incidents of GBV and non-tolerance among local communities in the crisis hit North West /South West regions of Cameroon. The 30 trained community leaders within the action are charged with the responsibility to identify GBV victims and survivors in their communities who are in need of assistance and link them up to the Justice and peace office for proper assessment and support.

Appreciations to the Diocese of Portsmouth England for their support.

AGEH supports the Justice and Peace Service of the Archdiocese of Bamenda with a Peace and Development Officer (PDO).

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Laura officially welcomes the PDO to the JPSPeace and Development Officer with her familyJPS team with PDO and her family

Within the cooperation that exists between the Justice and Peace Service (JPS) of the Archdiocese of Bamenda and the Association for Development Cooperation (AGEH) under the Civil Peace Service, the JPS received a support staff from AGEH in the person of Frauke DiβelkÖtter who will join the JPS team as Peace and Development Officer (PDO) for a period of three years (2016-2019).

In a welcome dinner that took place on the 11th of March 2016 at Superclass Restaurant, Finance Junction - Bamenda, all the staff of the Service welcomed the PDO in particular, and her family to the JPS. They took turns to express how happy they are to have Frauke join the team. She was equally encouraged to feel at home and not to hesitate to express any of her needs, be it work-related or not.

The Coordinator of the Service on her part used this opportunity to throw more light on the work of the Service, and how it has been in dare need of a PDO, a position that has temporally been held by volunteers, under the CPS programme. She hoped that this opportunity greatly boasts the work of the Service, particularly in the area of Peacebuilding.

Frauke thanked the entire JPS team for the warm reception she had when she arrived Bamenda, and more especially for the welcome dinner. She equally promised putting in her very best to foster the work of the Service.

Countering Human Trafficking in Cameroon

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This project saw the coming together of actors working to counter human trafficking in Cameroon.

STATUS (Completed) A sporadic training of actors working to counter human trafficking in Cameroon 2009 by AHNAT with support from SR. Patricia of COSUDOW Nigeria.

countering human trafficking




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