" Working for Justice and Peace is a Question of Balance."


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The work of the Justice & Peace Commission contributes towards improving the living situation of the inhabitants of the Bamenda region through the promotion of respect for and compliance with civil and general human rights, democratic rules and the condemnation of corruption.

 It has three (03) Objectives;

1. Access to justice for vulnerable groups in the North West Region has improved
2. Local communities succeed in effectively combating Child Trafficking through improved organization
3. Youths are engaged in a constructive dialogue to solve conflict peacefully and fight discrimination

JPS Organizes Reflection Workshop on Women; Audience & Influence

Posted in Protection of the Rights of Vulnerable Groups in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

Held on the Thursday 23rd of July 2020 at the Auto Data Center, Big Mankon, this work brought together women from different walks of life; Buyam Sellam, Dressmakers, Housewives, etc, and from different religious backgrounds.
Facilitated by Rose Obah, a Media & Peacebuilding Consultant, the reflections aimed at improving on the content and capacity of the voice, space and influence of these grassroots women in initiating, promoting and effectively participating in peace processes.
Reflecting on various conflict management approaches, strategies, the Archbishop's Pastoral Letter 'NOW IS THE TIME FOR PEACE', and sharing their own experiences, etc. participants saw themselves as key stakeholders in the peace process relating to the ongoing Armed Conflict in the North West & South West Regions of Cameroon.
Going back to their respective families, walks of life, meetings, church groups, etc, participants with a changed mindset and more knowledge of their role in peacebuilding processes promised continuing this process of enlightenment, while contributing in building peaceful and non-violent communities.


Posted in Protection of the Rights of Vulnerable Groups in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

This took place on Friday 17th July 2020 at the Immaculate Conception Cottage just below the Archbishop's House. It was made on the basis of the fact that His Grace Cornelius F. Esua has been the longest serving Archbishop with whom we as a Service have worked. So, on his retirement, it is imperative for us to know where he lives, and share the joy of experiencing his special touch to our work.
Being joyful with the visit, His Grace could not hold it but had these heart-touching words to express this; “LOVE HAS NO BOUNDARIES." He thanked the team for its services to the Church, and added; 'What is Worth Doing Should be Done.'
While he asked us, ‘Pray for All of Me,' he offered us symbolic gifts, among them, this piece of work by Reverend Father Cheo Gregory Ngwa, ‘Cornelius Fontem Esua, A Man of Vision and Action.’
We had a common meal with His Grace, amidst fun and memorable stories.

Workshop on the Rights-Based Approach to Conflict Management & Peacebuilding is Organized with Youths

Posted in Protection of the Rights of Vulnerable Groups in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

Within the context of the ongoing Armed Conflict which has had a firm grip over the North West Region in particular, and English-Speaking Cameroon in general, the Justice & Peace Commission continues to look for avenues through which it can significantly contribute to restoring peace in this locality.

On the 12th of June 2020, it organized a reflection workshop with over 20 young people, coming from the Muslim, Presbyterian, Baptist and Catholic denominatoions to brainstorm on individual & collective efforts which can be effectively put in place by themselves, for both young and old within their respective communities as meassures to mitigate the effects of the conflict, and why not contribute to its end.

These young people were drilled on the basic concepts of Justice, Conflict, & Peacebuilding, and the value the Rights-Based Approach adds to Conflict Mitigation.

Another key presentation focused on; How Can Youths Contribute to Facilitate the Peace Process in Cameroon? It encouraged and build their capacities as key actors in peacebuilding processes to assert their place on the table and be able to make informed decisions on whatever issues that affect their welbeing.

As a key tool for this journey, the Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Andrew F. Nkea was also reflected upon by these young people, with copies hand over to each of them.

This working session facilitated by Pedmia Shuta Tita (Peace & Conflict Transformation Trainer) ended with this Take Home Message to participants:

“Making peace ultimately requires the firm commitment and extraordinary courage, on the part of all sides, to ensure a permanent end to violence.”

                 Kofi Annan, October 2011.

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JPS Holds Workshop on the Archbishop's Pastoral Letter ' NOW IS THE TIME FOR PEACE.'

Posted in Protection of the Rights of Vulnerable Groups in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

Justice & Peace Service in its continuous effort to contribute to the restoration of the much needed peace in Communities within the Archdiocese of Bamenda of the North West Region organizes a One Day Workshop with representatives of the Catholic Women Association (CWA), Catholic Men Association (CMA), and Family Life Apostolate (FLA).

This was facilitated by Mr. Baka Derick, Communicator/Multimedia Professional, and President of the Cameroon Journalists' Trade Union, North West Chapter.

It focused on the Pastoral Letter of His Grace Rev. Dr. Andrew Fuanya Nkea 'NOW IS THE TIME FOR PEACE,' with the main objective to popularize this ground-breaking peace message and finding workable ways to cause the design & implementation of concrete actions that will have far-reaching outcomes, beginning with these individuals, their families, groups, and communities.

The over 25 Participants left the workshop with individual and collective action plans earmarking activities to immediately begin with upon return.

Timelines were also collectively set for Monitoring and Evaluation to ensure effectiveness of this program.

Practical Demonstration with Participants (ICE BREAKER)




IMGP5501IMGP5551FLA in Group Work

CWA in Working SessionCMA in Working Session 

Facilitator, Baka Derick; Communicator & Multimedia ProfessionalPlenary Presentations

Training & Sensitization Campaign Against COVID-19

Posted in Protection of the Rights of Vulnerable Groups in the Archdiocese of Bamenda.

This was organized by the Justice and Peace Service (JPS) in collaboration with the Archdiocesan Catholic Health Service on Wednesday 1st April 2020 at the Auto Data Centre, Big Mankon.

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 across all continents of the world, claiming thousands of lives within a very short period of time, added to the fact that there is yet no vaccine or treatment for it, prevention becomes the best way out of this pandemic.

More so, with a significant increase in the number of active cases identified in some regions in Cameroon (about 233 as of April 1st. 2020),  it becomes very imperative for measures to be taken to prevent it from spreading into our region.

It is within this context that we organized this training & sensitization campaign, as a human right and a matter of justice for all, so that Services within the Archdiocese of Bamenda are adequately prepared and take appropriate measures to fight against this virus around their work places, in their homes and in their communities.

Facilitated by Dr. Ndi Jude of St. Blaise Catholic Hospital, Big Mankon, this session recorded the participation of over twenty (20) participants coming from fourteen (14) Services, amongst them, the Health Service, Archdiocesan College Bakery, Catholic Mission Technical Centre, Catholic Education Secretariat, Radio Evangelium and Family Life Service.

Participants left with the awareness that there are symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, therefore the need to take radical preventive actions. These included the following;

  • Proper Washing of Hands,
  • Using Proper Hand Sanitizers,
  • Wearing Face Masks to avoid getting infected/infecting Others,
  • Isolating one’s self, if infected,
  • Avoid Physical Greetings and Contact
  • Social Distancing
  • Avoiding Gatherings/Crowded Places
  • Avoiding Touching the Nose, Mouth or Eyes
  • Avoiding Spitting in Public,
  • Getting Updates from Trustworthy Sources, and above all,
  • STAYING AT HOME when necessary.

Protect Yourself,

Protect Your Loved Ones,

Protect Your Community!!!

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Participant Displays Locally Made Face Masks  






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